Book Review! One ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading ‘Tattered Innocence’ by Author Ann Lee Miller..

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after reading ‘Tattered Innocence’ by Ann Lee Miller.

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Title: Tattered Innocence
Author: Ann Lee Miller
Series: New Smyrna Beach Series
Publisher: Self-Published.


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The Premise and
My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ all rolled into one:

I was introduced to this novel by it’s wonderful author,
Ann Lee Miller. As always, I love to let other readers’ know what kind of character set up you will get with a novel beforehand. The  Author does in fact, give you a nice mixture of two P.O.V.’s (Point of views) from the lead characters in this story. This is always a good thing because you can get a more in-depth view of the story from two different perspectives.

At first I was a little worried that I would not be able to relate to ‘Tattered Innocence’ when I first saw the ‘Glossary of Sailing Terms.’ I’ve never been sailing and know nothing about it but keeping my mind open, I read on. Once I was a few chapters into the story, the characters and what they were each dealing with kept me hooked and I was definitely interested to see where their lives would take them. And I also realized that there is enough depth to this wonderful story and it’s characters, that a few terms in the sailing world would not detour me as a reader, from the story itself.

You will meet young twenty-something Rachel Martin who takes a job working on a sixty-eight-foot Ketch, which is a semi-small boat, named The Smyrna Queen. The Captain of that Ketch(boat) is a man a few years older than Rachel named Jake Murray. Jake could tell Rachel seemed to be running away from something by wanting to take the job on his boat as his first-mate but at first felt it was none of his business. And knowing that he himself had his own recent issues to deal with, he didn’t want to concern himself with her business. They seemed so alike in the sense that they preferred to deal with problems on their own, putting Rachel and Jake  ‘in the same boat’ in more ways than one.

Rachel has worries that she’s carried since her childhood that still haunt her into her adult years as well as dealing with being dyslexic. She also has a troubled relationship with her younger brother after he finds out a secret about her that puts a wedge in their relationship. In the story you will find that both main characters go through a rebuilding of their faith in what they know is right and wrong and what happiness means to them. Rachel and Jake both must come to terms with the fact that what they thought they each needed in their lives, was more of a want instead of a need. Their lives send them on an adventure of self-discovery and the possibility of finding someone who they could truly love wholeheartedly. After a few surprises from their pasts’ surface, will it be too much for them to hold onto the growing feelings they have for each other?

I do recommend this book for readers’ who can appreciate a genuinely good story about human imperfections while searching for real love instead of settling for what they once thought they wanted. Author Lee Ann Miller made the story easily relate-able even for the non-sailing experts, me being one of them. So take a trip on this romantic journey to see what becomes of Rachel and Jake on Smyrna Beach.


1 star rating 4



Jake’s thoughts: Rachel wasn’t the kind of girl you kissed just because you wanted to-even if Bret had. She was all about babies and forever.

Jake: “I had no idea that one selfish choice would cause so many people to suffer.”

Rachel’s thoughts: It gave her hope that she’d heal. Mama said Rachel would love again, better than the first time. It wasn’t much to hang onto, but it was something.

Jake’s thoughts: He scanned the pier where she’d been standing. Gone. He felt like half of him had been lopped off.

Jake’s thoughts: You never knew which walls bore weight till your life sagged and toppled when one was ripped out from under you.

Rachel’s thoughts: Now she knew what forgiveness felt like.  It felt like innocence.


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