Why the Vampire Academy Fandom Is Growing…

The Vampire Academy fandom has been growing non-stop and there are definitely many reasons why.

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First, let’s start with the book series itself. Best-selling author Richelle Mead created this story with three type of vampires: Moroi, Dhampir and Strigoi. Moroi drink blood but usually don’t have to force anyone because they have willing ‘feeders’ who enjoy the endorphins they get from a bite. Next, you have the dhampirs which are a mix of Moroi and human. The dhampirs’ pick up the good traits from both and are stronger, therefore they have become the protectors, the ‘Guardians’ of the Moroi. Then, you have the Strigoi. These creepers love the taste of Moroi blood, especially from the royal families. Strigoi will willingly accept taking blood from Dhampirs and Humans as well but the Moroi are usually their main targets. They don’t just drink to satisfy the thirst, they drink to kill. And they enjoy it. So this makes the Strigoi the enemy of Moroi and Dhampirs.

Yes, the first book is mostly around the St. Vladimir Academy where Moroi and Dhampir students live and learn. It’s hidden from the rest of the world in a rural location in Montana. As the book series progresses, the school appears less and less because the world Richelle made, definitely goes to other parts of the world. It’s a fun and haunting journey as you follow Rose Hathaway, who is the main character and a Dhampir. Her best friend, Lissa Dragomir comes from a Moroi royal family. Rose will do anything for her friend as her protector and Lissa will do the same.

Moroi are pretty interesting vamp’s too because they each specialize in one form of element: Water, Air, Fire or Spirit. Most do specialize in the first three but only a few Moroi specialize in Spirit. In the story you learn more about the elements and what a Moroi is capable of when they learn their element well. It’s interesting to see the capabilities of those who specialize in Spirit.

We highly recommend you read the Vampire Academy six-book series by Richelle Mead this year, because come next year, the first book hit’s theaters world wide. Books usually give more detail than you can cram into a movie version, so it will make you appreciate the story so much more if you choose to read it first! πŸ™‚


Special Note:

The people behind the Vampire Academy Movie deserve to be acknowledged for putting so much of their heart and hard work into making this film. They continue to interact in so many ways with the fans and that says a lot about them. So special thanks and (virtual)applause πŸ‘ to the author, director, screenplay writer, producers, promoters, the cast, the crew behind the scenes, the assistants and everyone who added a piece to this film.Β  And of course, the fans are the best! Being a part of this FANDOM aka the #VAfamily, I know how supportive and great these people are especially via Twitter! Stay great you all!


Now, onto the fun part of this post!
We will be updating this post and adding new photos as we can. These are photos from the Vampire Academy Movie and a few from behind the scenes. So enjoy these ‘Stills’ and as they say on Twitter…
#FANGirl with the #VAfamily!

1 VA tag 27c1 movie pic b1 movie pic c1 movie pic1 VA Cast real photo 6-27-131 VA tag 28 1 VA tag 29Lissa Dragomir by Lucy Fry 24Gates of St VLadamir BPxymUdCAAMMlBR.jpg large tag 20 posted1 va movie pic 17πŸ‘Š


And here are a few Humorous #VAMOVIE Photos made by VA FANS, @VAHumor or @VAfandomUSA! πŸ™‚

1 VA tag 1tag 3 bloodwhoatag 7 vahumor



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