Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after Reading the Waiting On The Sidelines series by Ginger Scott

NEW COVER IMAGE UPDATE – as of 11/15/2013:


Waiting On The Sidelines new Cover

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This is a Special Double Book Review:
First up: Waiting On The Sidelines (Available Now!)
Second: Going Long: Waiting On The Sidelines 2.(released: Oct.1st, 2013)

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The cover below for ‘Waiting On The Sidelines’ was the original cover.

Waiting On The Sidelines by Ginger Scott

Review for Book 1: Waiting On The Sidelines.

Book Review! One Blogging Reader’s Review after Reading Waiting On The Sidelines by Ginger Scott.

Welcome to Books, Movies, Fandoms newest book review.
Title: Waiting On The Sidelines
Author: Ginger Scott
Series: Waiting On The Sidelines Series (two books)
Publisher: Self-Published.

The Premise of the story on goodreads:

Waiting on the Sidelines explores young love to its fullest, exposing how real young heartbreak and passion is and how important it is to discover yourself and hold onto your own identity. Ultimately, Waiting on the Sidelines is a story of hope, honesty and those powerful, first true loves–the ones worth holding onto at any cost.


My Blogging Review of Waiting On The Sidelines (book 1):

While I searched for the next good book to read I came across ‘Waiting On The Sidelines’. I added it to my ‘To Read’ list on which stayed there for about a week or two until I decided to give it a try. I purchased it at and instantly it arrived to my Kindle Fire. Once I started reading this story, I quickly came to the realization that this was not going to be your usual young-love story filled with fluff and a ‘hard-to-relate-to’ kind of romance. As you read how the relationship between Nolan and Reed develops, you can’t help but hope that they mature enough to realize their feelings are stronger than they actually convey to each other. While their relationship teeters on the fine line of growing into something more or possibly being destroyed beyond repair, you find yourself rooting for them even more.

This coming of age story takes you on a four year journey through the experiences of a young girl named Nolan Lennox, who was named after the ex-professional baseball player. Nolan prefers to wear sports shorts and tube socks instead of skirts and dresses. She grew up in a humble part of town but never really questioned her clothing style, the home she grew up in or herself until she started high school and met Reed.

Reed Johnson grew up as the son and younger brother of two former hometown football legends. His future seems set to follow in their footsteps and surpass them because of his natural talent in the game. He easily becomes a popular student because of his good-looks, his football status as well as the good grades he maintains.

We get to know Nolan as she experiences her high school years and begins an unexpected friendship with Reed. She delves into situations that make her face the insecurities she never knew she had. Nolan also faces obstacles such as bullying from an upperclassmen who begins to date Reed. Reed also deals with his own insecurities that seem to make him question who he wants to be versus the Reed that others expect him to be.

You will find yourself as the reader, cheering for Nolan to stand up for herself and become the strong person that lives beneath the surface hidden by her insecurities. This book absolutely touched me simply because the characters are well written and you can easily share in the emotions as they experience them.

Waiting On The Sidelines has become one of my all time favorite Top Five Coming-Of-Age love stories because of how well written it is and the story itself is so captivating. I’ll admit it, I’ve read this story more than once and fell in love with it more and more each time I read it.

Follow the paths that Nolan and Reed take towards self discovery, life lessons and first loves that aren’t always full of rainbows and butterflies in ‘Waiting On The Sidelines.’


1 star rating 4



Nolan: “I’m sure Tatum would love to show off for you. You and Sean should come to one of the Tuesday games when you’re out of practice early.”   Reed: “Yeah, we should. And she totally would – Tatum’s a star, that’s for sure. But if I go, I’m team Nolan.”

Reed to Nolan: “Stop it; you don’t know how to take a compliment. I mean it and I want you to hear me. You. Are. Beautiful.”

Reed:  “I know you think I don’t remember. I know you think I was probably too drunk, but it was the only moment of clarity I’ve had in months, Nolan. I love you. I meant it then, and I mean it now.”

Nolan: “Reed, the only thing that you ever did to let me down was give up on us. I love you, and I’d love you if you were a biology major without an inkling of athletic talent, I swear.” 🙂

Get your copy today of:
Waiting On The Sidelines by Ginger Scott.
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How I imagined Nolan & Reed(This Reed is who Author Ginger Scott mentioned & we agree):

1 WOTSL 1 b



Going Long Waiting On The Sidelines 2 by Ginger Scott

Review for Book 2- Going Long: Waiting On The Sidelines 2.

Here is Blogging Reader’s Review of the second installment of the Waiting On The Sidelines series.

Title: Going Long: Waiting On The Sidelines 2
Author: Ginger Scott
Series: Waiting On The Sidelines Series (two books)
Publisher: Self-Published.

We kept the spoilers to a minimum while giving our blogger’s perspective on the book itself. Nothing major was spoken about.

Going Long – released: October 1st, 2013.

My Blogging Review of Going Long: Waiting On The Sidelines 2:

I was given the fabulous opportunity to read an advanced copy of Going Long: Waiting On The Sidelines book 2, thanks to the wonderful author Ginger Scott. I will be honest, I was giddy with excitement like a schoolgirl because I was in love with the first ‘Waiting On The Sidelines’ book and I had a strong feeling that Ginger Scott would not let us down in book 2. I’m happy to say my feelings were correct!:)

In most love stories we go through the story wanting to see the couple come together even though they usually end up spending most of the story apart. Then there is always the big ending where they discover what has always been there and they kiss and the story ends there. I’m happy to say that we got that at the end of the first book of ‘Waiting On The Sidelines’ but we were lucky enough to have a smart author who knew it just wasn’t enough. Which brings us to the second and final book of this series where we get see how things go for our beloved couple.

Going Long continues where the coming of age love story between simple girl, Nolan Lennox and the local football star, Reed Johnson leaves off. The first book was written only in Nolan’s P.O.V. (Point Of view) but in the second book ‘Going Long’, we get to hear the story from both Reed and Nolan’s P.O.V.’s.:)

Nolan and Reed are in love. There is no doubt and no question about it. They are both Juniors at their respective universities and have managed to make their long distance relationship work through most of their college years while attending separate schools hours apart. Life is busy for the both of them. Nolan and Reed’s relationship is going strong but there is one thing that is bringing their future into question. Reed begins to consider taking the opportunity to enter the draft for professional football sooner rather than later. With something so huge looming, it made Nolan do what she always did when things scared her, she shut down.

There are a few large twists and turns in ‘Going Long’ that make them question their relationship and makes them wonder if they even have a future together despite still loving each other. They find themselves wondering if love is enough?

To name a few things without giving away actual spoilers, Nolan and Reed both have goals they want to reach for in regards to their careers. Nolan’s hours at school are pretty hectic because she wants to finish school so she can pursue her career. Reed wants to take his chance to advance in his football career before his chance passes him by. In ‘Going Long’ one of them is faced with a temptation during an emotional low point and there is a secret that snowballs between Reed and Nolan. The secret is so big that it will change them forever.  But don’t fret, author Ginger Scott concluded this epic love story in a very fitting and touching way. You won’t be disappointed.


1 star rating 4.5



Nolan’s thoughts: Reed was pleading with me. I wanted to be open to his needs, but the weight of my secret and the thought of having to make decisions and bring my news out for his mother’s judgement repulsed me.

Reed’s thoughts:  For the first time in months, I wanted to drink. No, fuck that. I wanted to get ripped and forget fucking everything.

Reed: “Dad, I will never love anyone like I love Nolan, and you know it.”

Reed:  “I’ll find a way to help the woman I love on my own. I’m sorry that I ever thought I could count on you.”

Nolan:  “When they interview you after the announcement, if you can work the word ‘coconut’ into your response, I will spend tonight in your room.”

Reed: “I’ve learned that sometimes love is hard. Life makes love hard, constantly pushing against you and finding things to throw in your way. And sometimes those things knock you down.  But then you get up. You get up, because that person, the one you love more than anything on earth… well, putting it bluntly, like my father taught me, they make getting your ass knocked down worth the trouble.”

Release date:  October 1st, 2013
Going Long: Waiting On The Sidelines 2 by Ginger Scott.
(Will be Available at


Order GOING LONG (Waiting On The Sidelines 2) by Ginger Scott today!

amazon 3(Order Waiting on The Sidelines 2: Going Long by Ginger Scott by clicking Amazon logo above)



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