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Welcome to the Books, Movies & Fandoms Blog! #BMF will do it’s best to keep posts updated about books, movies and awesome fandoms that deserve the extra attention. :)

There is a huge “book lover” following. If you’re a book lover, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ll discuss as many books as we can, from some of our favorite authors as well as authors we may have just learned about. Our main goal for our ‘Book’ section, is to promote great books and their authors.  You can never read enough. Your imagination thanks you for taking it to different worlds and new places when you get lost in a new book each time! :)

Besides the ‘Books’ section, we also have a ‘BOOK REVIEW’ section where we give our honest and respectful review of released and not-yet-released (ARC) novels from different genres. We share the synopsis of the novel and give our own review after reading it. Make sure so check out this section, especially if you are looking for something new to read! :)

We will also discuss Movies! Yes, movies. The other way that stories are told. We will chat about movies that are great or deserve the added attention. We especially love to discuss book to film adaptations, which gives the book lovers a chance to get on board with the ‘Movies’ category.  We don’t discriminate… you’ll find that we post about blockbuster hit-movies as well as small budget or indie films too.

…. Then there are the groups that can help make-or-break how big something gets, these groups are called “The Fandoms!” :) Yes, we all belong to one or another when we truly love a book or a movie. Sometimes we don’t even know that a fandom exists until someone calls it that. It’s basically where the love of a book, movie or even a musician, brings FANS together forming the awesomeness known as a FANDOM! :)

Now that we got it cleared up about what to expect from us… feel free to follow us, LIKE us and Repost us! We love to share and we hope you do too! :)

Happy times to be had here at: Books, Movies, Fandoms!

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